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I wonder if she could suck the fear from the marrow in my bones
And replace it with a different kind
And open me up like a book
And leave coffee stains and fingerprints
And write what her definition of hope is
:icon1crazyvegetarian:1CrazyVegetarian 11 4
The Lioness and the Lion
When the Lioness met the Virgin
She was wrapped in loving arms
That humble virgin, shy and strong
Kept the cub away from harm
When the Lioness met the Libran
 She trusted far too soon
Though his justice scales were tarnished
He struck down her impugn
When the Lioness met the Crab
She admired his will to dream
He was brave enough to find himself
As he drifted far upstream
When the Lioness met the Gemini
She felt confused and overwrought
While one twin was a lifelong friend
The other left her on the spot
When the Lioness met the Aquarian
She was taken by surprise
The fickle water bearer possessed
A hidden kindness in her eyes
When the Lioness met the Ram
She promised not to tell
The layers of depth she saw beneath
That ram’s indifferent shell
When the Lioness met the Archeress
Though she was half a world away
Her trusty arrows flew overseas
A promise they’d meet one day
When the Lioness met the Scorpion
She was smitten fro
:icon1crazyvegetarian:1CrazyVegetarian 4 6
Colors by 1CrazyVegetarian Colors :icon1crazyvegetarian:1CrazyVegetarian 146 16 Ohey look it's a Tony! by 1CrazyVegetarian Ohey look it's a Tony! :icon1crazyvegetarian:1CrazyVegetarian 13 33
Stomach Acid
The worst part is when you can still taste it
And those days when You start to clot in my blood again and
Even bile would taste sweeter
And those spaces in between my teeth where the unsaid words stalk
Like silent vandals waiting to burn straight through my gums
Until my teeth don't quite fall out and i still
Have to talk to You
And those days when i gag at my own reflection
Because if You're not in the sink in front of me
You're trickling down my esophagus to make a home of
That sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach
And those sulfur memories that scorch my nose until
The tears spring out again and
i can feel myself suffocating on the fist in my mouth
i wish it tasted sweeter
i wish we tasted sweet like i remember when i remember what we
(never really) had but would like to have been able to remember
Because You're definitely not going anywhere, are You?
No way i can purge You outta me now becaus
:icon1crazyvegetarian:1CrazyVegetarian 5 19
Hunger Games: Dr. Everdeen by 1CrazyVegetarian Hunger Games: Dr. Everdeen :icon1crazyvegetarian:1CrazyVegetarian 17 6
Peter Pan
if i could muster the courage
i'd ask You to grow young with me
as time keeps moving forward without us, i can't help but think that day
by day; smile
by fake smile
i'm losing You to Neverland
i'm selfish enough that i wish i could find a new way to clip Your wings
everytime You tried to say
because goodbye means going away and
going away means forgetting
you flying away and forgetting me somewhere along the second star to the right
is probably inevitable
but how am i supposed to live eternally (alone)
in those moments when i catch a glimpse of the You i remember
a flickering flame of mischief returning to the hardened eyes of a
Lost Boy
did you think i'd ever be able to shut the window? 
you grew up one day while i didn't notice but
i'm still waiting here folding and re-folding Your shadow because
it'd be too painful to admit what i already know
that Never is an awfully long time
:icon1crazyvegetarian:1CrazyVegetarian 16 12
Cynthia Hynes- Head Gamemaker (an OC of mine...) by 1CrazyVegetarian Cynthia Hynes- Head Gamemaker (an OC of mine...) :icon1crazyvegetarian:1CrazyVegetarian 14 8 Hunger Games: Equilibrium by 1CrazyVegetarian Hunger Games: Equilibrium :icon1crazyvegetarian:1CrazyVegetarian 19 17 Hunger Games: You Give Me Strength by 1CrazyVegetarian Hunger Games: You Give Me Strength :icon1crazyvegetarian:1CrazyVegetarian 14 9 Hunger Games: Silence by 1CrazyVegetarian Hunger Games: Silence :icon1crazyvegetarian:1CrazyVegetarian 14 8 Hunger Games: You're not leaving... by 1CrazyVegetarian Hunger Games: You're not leaving... :icon1crazyvegetarian:1CrazyVegetarian 28 7
Last Night on Earth
these last broken shards of You are all i have left 
are enough to make my hands tremble when i see You
because they each capture the piercing, fragmented light that dances in Your eyes
and rain down the shrapnel, the distorted memories that drown me 
if i asked, You'd probably just smile gently and claim to be protecting me 
by snipping my weak words from Your serrated life
with blunt scissors
and although i can't exactly say it's Your fault for not trusting me
it still hurts
because She has a whole pile of You
and You took care to round off the edges for Her, and file down the corners
so She couldn’t tear the fabric of Her lacy paper fingers
it’s silver snowflake confetti, and She tosses a handful in the air
and i watch entranced as she catches it on Her perfect crimson lips
melts it in Her bleeding tongue
dances in it
and Her bare feet are bloody, Her hands scream
:icon1crazyvegetarian:1CrazyVegetarian 8 9
Happy Birthday, BlackCatMisfortunate! by 1CrazyVegetarian Happy Birthday, BlackCatMisfortunate! :icon1crazyvegetarian:1CrazyVegetarian 9 7 Hunger Games: 'They'll Keep us Apart...' by 1CrazyVegetarian Hunger Games: 'They'll Keep us Apart...' :icon1crazyvegetarian:1CrazyVegetarian 39 19 Hunger Games: She Never Misses by 1CrazyVegetarian Hunger Games: She Never Misses :icon1crazyvegetarian:1CrazyVegetarian 31 6

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United States
Indeed vegetarian. Indeed crazy.


Some things you might want to know about me...

* Loves food. Vegans not liking food is a myth.
* Was sorted into Hufflepuff on pottermore with some initial denial.
* Hobbies: painting, drawing, photography, film, writing, reading, cooking, cosplaying, listening to music, activism
*A bit of a hippie. Okay, more than just a bit.
*Skilled on trumpet as well as air guitar
*Maybe a little too pacifistic
*Friend me on Pottermore! --> BatWormwood10301
*Watch my Hunger Games music video?? :D Pretty please?? --->…

Note me if you want to talk or if you'd like me to check out your art! I like to make new friends. :)

Watches, favs, comments, constructive crit, etc. always mean a lot to me. ;w;



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Current Residence: District 12, Panem
Favourite genre of music: punk, rock, classic rock, alternative, world, classical
Favourite style of art: photography, film, modern, conceptual, anime/manga
Skin of choice: ...?
Favourite cartoon character: Dr. Nick and Apu from "The Simpsons!!"

Okay, so I know this is kind of "old news" by now, but it really shouldn't be! :) (Plus I was lazy and went offline like a hermit for a couple days...)

If you guys haven't already heard, (or if you just want an excuse to make a bunch of noise or eat more rainbow cupcakes or something) Proposition 8, as well as the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) were both struck down on Wednesday!! :D This is a pretty freaking historic step towards marriage equality, as well as gay rights being recognized as civil rights in general in our country. Californians can now marry whoever the heck they want to marry, and already-married couples will be recognized as such across the country. It's still a little baffling to me that we at this point NEED the legal affirmation that denying federal benefits to same-sex couples (or anyone, really) is unconstitutional, but I think it's not just a great victory in the gay rights movement, but also a great sign that times and opinions are changing for the better. Despite the obvious legal and social challenges still yet to face, it's very encouraging to think of where the United States stood on the issue just ten years ago as opposed to today. All we can hope and pray and fight for is that despite history repeating itself again and again, maybe we can learn something from the re-occurrence of the issue of basic civil rights having to be fought for through the ages. I wish more people would draw a parallel between those who now argue their right to deny others is a matter of God or a matter of family or simply a matter of what they deem to be "normal," and those who argued the exact same statments during the '50s and '60s against American citizens, solely based on the color of their skin. I think this issue is so incredibly simple, but maybe it's because I believe with total conviction that no one should want to deny ANYONE the right to do ANYTHING unless it involves hurting someone. Anyway. I could obviously go off on this tangent all day, so I'm just going to send out my love and support to everyone, black and white and gay and straight and everywhere in between, who is willing to stand up and advocate for the rights of others. :clap: Stay strong, my friends!


SPEAKING of standing up and advocating...

I guess while I'm at it, I can't really post a journal rant about historic events and great people without mentioning incredible Wendy Davis. Again, since I'm posting all this like three days after it already went down, I'm expecting you guys have already heard all about the bill that was almost passed in Texas on Wednesday that would have essentially banned abortion after the 20-week period, including cases of rape, incest, and risk to the mother. Additionally, the bill would have closed almost every abortion clinic in Texas, forcing some women to drive hundreds of miles for the procedure. Despite my own views on the sanctity of life as a whole, I'm generally very sensitive to both sides of the issue, seeing as it deals with not just the life of the developing child, but the life of the mother, as well as the future of the child to come. I am pro-choice up until the stage of development when the developing child's nervous system is advanced enough to where it is capable of experiencing pain, because I think the issue is over-simplified oftentimes by those who deem it immoral in every instance. HOWEVER. The point is that this radical bill that would have taken away the choice of women who weren't presented a choice at the time of conception, as well as potentially forcing women to take some pretty unsafe measures with healthcare unavailable to them. But even though they barely beat the midnight deadline and the bill was stamped down on somewhat of a technicality, I have so much respect for the over 400 protesters who dedicated those unrelenting hours to advocating for women's rights. Wendy Davis, in particular, (a teen mom herself before graduating Harvard Law School) is a hero. I read that before taking on this bill, she'd previously staged a separate filibuster against Gov. Rick Perry in order to prevent a $5 billion tax cut to public schools. And now she stands talking for 13 hours straight without peeing or eating or drinking anything? Seriously?? You've gotta admit that's incredible.


Okay, I really need to go to bed because journal rants at 1:45 am are probably not the best idea for me. But anyway. :P I'll try to get back on tomorrow or Sunday and finally answer my messages and thank for all the faves and new watchers that I haven't really acknowledged yet and talk to my old friends on here because I MISS YOU GUYS. Also, I have a lot of art and poetry and stuff that's kind of been piling up, so expect me dumping things on you at some point here.






So, I'm not sure if anyone'd actually want to buy my stuff, but I thought I'd give it a shot. If there's anything in my gallery you are interested in, but I don't have listed as a print, shoot me a note, and I'd be happy to open it up for you. :) Also send me a note if you are interested, but desire a different size, price, or type of print. I'd really appereciate ANY kind of business to be honest! XD


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