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Okay, so I know this is kind of "old news" by now, but it really shouldn't be! :) (Plus I was lazy and went offline like a hermit for a couple days...)

If you guys haven't already heard, (or if you just want an excuse to make a bunch of noise or eat more rainbow cupcakes or something) Proposition 8, as well as the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) were both struck down on Wednesday!! :D This is a pretty freaking historic step towards marriage equality, as well as gay rights being recognized as civil rights in general in our country. Californians can now marry whoever the heck they want to marry, and already-married couples will be recognized as such across the country. It's still a little baffling to me that we at this point NEED the legal affirmation that denying federal benefits to same-sex couples (or anyone, really) is unconstitutional, but I think it's not just a great victory in the gay rights movement, but also a great sign that times and opinions are changing for the better. Despite the obvious legal and social challenges still yet to face, it's very encouraging to think of where the United States stood on the issue just ten years ago as opposed to today. All we can hope and pray and fight for is that despite history repeating itself again and again, maybe we can learn something from the re-occurrence of the issue of basic civil rights having to be fought for through the ages. I wish more people would draw a parallel between those who now argue their right to deny others is a matter of God or a matter of family or simply a matter of what they deem to be "normal," and those who argued the exact same statments during the '50s and '60s against American citizens, solely based on the color of their skin. I think this issue is so incredibly simple, but maybe it's because I believe with total conviction that no one should want to deny ANYONE the right to do ANYTHING unless it involves hurting someone. Anyway. I could obviously go off on this tangent all day, so I'm just going to send out my love and support to everyone, black and white and gay and straight and everywhere in between, who is willing to stand up and advocate for the rights of others. :clap: Stay strong, my friends!


SPEAKING of standing up and advocating...

I guess while I'm at it, I can't really post a journal rant about historic events and great people without mentioning incredible Wendy Davis. Again, since I'm posting all this like three days after it already went down, I'm expecting you guys have already heard all about the bill that was almost passed in Texas on Wednesday that would have essentially banned abortion after the 20-week period, including cases of rape, incest, and risk to the mother. Additionally, the bill would have closed almost every abortion clinic in Texas, forcing some women to drive hundreds of miles for the procedure. Despite my own views on the sanctity of life as a whole, I'm generally very sensitive to both sides of the issue, seeing as it deals with not just the life of the developing child, but the life of the mother, as well as the future of the child to come. I am pro-choice up until the stage of development when the developing child's nervous system is advanced enough to where it is capable of experiencing pain, because I think the issue is over-simplified oftentimes by those who deem it immoral in every instance. HOWEVER. The point is that this radical bill that would have taken away the choice of women who weren't presented a choice at the time of conception, as well as potentially forcing women to take some pretty unsafe measures with healthcare unavailable to them. But even though they barely beat the midnight deadline and the bill was stamped down on somewhat of a technicality, I have so much respect for the over 400 protesters who dedicated those unrelenting hours to advocating for women's rights. Wendy Davis, in particular, (a teen mom herself before graduating Harvard Law School) is a hero. I read that before taking on this bill, she'd previously staged a separate filibuster against Gov. Rick Perry in order to prevent a $5 billion tax cut to public schools. And now she stands talking for 13 hours straight without peeing or eating or drinking anything? Seriously?? You've gotta admit that's incredible.


Okay, I really need to go to bed because journal rants at 1:45 am are probably not the best idea for me. But anyway. :P I'll try to get back on tomorrow or Sunday and finally answer my messages and thank for all the faves and new watchers that I haven't really acknowledged yet and talk to my old friends on here because I MISS YOU GUYS. Also, I have a lot of art and poetry and stuff that's kind of been piling up, so expect me dumping things on you at some point here.





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BlackCatMisfortunate Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2013  Student Writer
Get in the van girl I'm getting married

In a few years


1CrazyVegetarian Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2013
EEEEEEEEEEP OHMYGOSH I KNOW! I'm SO going to your wedding. Come hell or high water, I'm getting there. If I'm invited, of course. No, actually, even if I'm not I'm going to drive to California and crash it. >;)

No, seriously, as soon as I heard that Prop 8 had been struck down, you guys were actually the first ones I thought of. ;w; Congratulations to the both of you because even though this should have been available a loooooong time ago, better late than never. And it couldn't have come at a better time. :hug:
BlackCatMisfortunate Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2013  Student Writer

It will still be a few years obviously, age difference/wanting a steady career/house first, but it's now a lot more 'real' than it was before which is definitely a good thing. :D
1CrazyVegetarian Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2013
Oh, definitely. I think it's good you're planning ahead and you want to put yourself in a stable position first, but that's still freaking FANTASTIC! :clap:

Gahhh so excited. x3 I still want to actually be able to meet you guys so bad!
BlackCatMisfortunate Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2013  Student Writer
My friend recently got a chance to have her friend from Texas visit for a week so I'm sure that when we're older and not constricted as much by school we can definitely find a way to meet up!
Also this video just watch it and don't question it [link]

On the other hand it doesn't look like I'll be cosplaying Lithuania, at least at any cons, for a while :c Though I think I'm gradually getting/getting her back into it. Still love Lithuania sooooo much but he has dropped so far into obscurity around here that no one seems to care at all >_< we have plans to cross-fandom cosplay by being Lithuania and Belarus, but with Homestuck god tiers. We picked Knight of Life for Lithuania :D Idk why i mention this i guess because i've always wanted to cosplay as russia and lithuania with you. XD I think it'd be awesome if we could like just take reaction pics in them and trade over tumblr or something, maybe run a blog... i'm getting too ambitious again :P
1CrazyVegetarian Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2013
Aw, that's so great! And YES, I have no doubt we'll make it happen at some point. ;w;

Awwww...:hug: That's awful that nobody cares about Lithy!! Dx I CARE, OKAI??? Also, I totally know what you mean, though, about the Hetalia fandom sort of getting into that weird place of losing some of the love for the more developed, classic characters in favor of random underdeveloped ones or OCs. :/ Honestly, I love SOME of the wonderful people in the fandom, but most of it is growing to annoy me. So much of the focus is shifted from what the actual show is to just pairings (and really obscure ones at that) and people who don't understand that historical events and wars are actually SERIOUS things with a lot of times huge body counts of REAL people and just...ugh. *rants*
But OBVIOUSLY I still love Hetalia as a whole and really miss cosplaying as Russia (haven't gotten a chance to do him in a little while)and I REALLY, REALLY WANNA COSPLAY WITH YOU AS LITHY! x3 I think that is such a freaking awesome idea with the reaction pics or tumblr stuff, and I could also see doing some sort of a live video chat people could watch in character and...EEP WE NEED TO WORK ON THIS, OKAY??? You're not being over-ambitious lol. I'd love to do that with you! :3 We could even make a video or something, because a friend of mine and I thought it would be really fun to do a Pepperony cosplay together since I'm already getting things together for Tony Stark, except she lives in Switzerland. We were trying to figure out what to do, and so we're probably going to end up filming a phone call between them and writing the script for it so she can film her part and send it to me, and I can film mine, so I can edit it together and...yes. x'D So, even if you wanted to do something like that, I'd be game. Another idea (wow, now I'm off on a brainstorming rant, watch out-) is we could do like you said and make a blog, and people could send in asks and questions and dares and things and we could post our little pictures or videos in response. So WOW ANYWAY, we gotta start something this summer. :3

Also, I haven't gotten around to reading Homestuck yet!! Dx I'm so bummed because I hear it's pretty fantastic and I have a few friends who are really, really into it, so I'll have to start it while I still have time over the summer. :D
BlackCatMisfortunate Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2013  Student Writer
Pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows~

Yeah me and Kat were just ranting earlier about how people totally ignore when Himaruya actually goes back and develops characters. Like in some of the more obscure strips that aren't in the manga/anime, Belarus isn't depicted being all crazy or hurting Lithuania or anything. To this day I think her whole 'marry my big brother' thing was just a phase that was a charicature of how Belarus kind of embraced Russification instead of fighting back as hard as some of the other Soviet satellites, and in canon she probably still wants to be close to her brother but no longer wants to marry him. But nope, instead literally every Belarus I've met at a con except for Kat is really into the 'crazy marry my brother at any cost' side of her character and there's more to her than that.

We would rock as Russia and Lithuania and that's kind of a big deal because there is a very select group of Russias I'm comfortable with (see character derailment above) and you're one of them. Let me know how the Pepperony (took me a second lol) thing goes and then maybe we could manage something similar! Not sure yet what we'd do, but yeah.

Kat is super into Monsters University right now so that and the God Tier Lithuania/Belarus are going to be my biggest projects to get ready for January. Homestuck takes a while to really pick up and can be really meandering and drawn out at times, so be ready to click your mouse A LOT. There are Let's Reads of it on Youtube too if you prefer to listen to it instead and the voice work is really nice on most of them.
1CrazyVegetarian Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2013

That is such a fantastic point, and soooooo true! Himaruya chooses little elements in the way the characters interact to illustrate a metaphor for ACTUAL historical events. It's so clever and people really shouldn't take those things SO seriously because I think that's where the fandom kind of sucks sometimes. You've got fans who sort of think it's funny that Hetalia's "racist" when it really isn't saying anything about the countries themselves and people living there so much as the historical relationships between them, people who like to make Hetalia a lot more perverted than it is (and, like, obviously ships and stuff are fine and there's an irreverent sense of humor, but it's not THAT bad) and then the people who fixate on a few elements of characters while totally neglecting their development as a whole. Sort of a shame because it's a cute, clever show and I don't think it gets the respect it deserves so much as OBSESSION! x'D And it really sucks about all those psycho Belarus cosplayers. :/

I'm honored that I'm one of your Russias, and I really hope we get to cosplay at some point together, because I totally feel the same about you! You make such a fantastic Lithy. :3 And I have a girl in Colorado who cosplays as Lithuania, but she's the only one I know. (PLUS she's a million feet taller than me woops :P) We'll figure something out long-distance wise. Just let me know when you'd like to get it started! :heart:

I HAVEN'T GOTTEN TO SEE MONSTERS YET!! Dx So upset about that! Was it adorable?
And yeah, see, I started like a few pages of Homestuck, but I was really confused so I dropped it, but everyone I know who likes it basically told me the same thing you told me, so I'll have to return to it at some point and give it another chance. :) NDK, an anime con in Denver, is coming up, so I need to start working a little harder cosplay-wise. I really want to do Grell from Kuroshitsuji if I have time! :D
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