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Cynthia Hynes- Head Gamemaker (an OC of mine...) by 1CrazyVegetarian Cynthia Hynes- Head Gamemaker (an OC of mine...) by 1CrazyVegetarian
This is a drawing of my Hunger Games-inspired OC, Cynthia. :) She's standing in front of some sort of conceptual view of the wall in her bedroom, because it's basically a huge window with a view of the Capitol lol. I'll probably be posting a lot about her here, because she's been the center of a lot of my writings and art lately. If you guys are interested in getting to know her, please feel free to read the huge blob below. xD <--- Could you full-view this picture, please? It scanned soooo crappy, again...*headdesk*
(Also, sorry if I'm slow with replies this week. I haven't had much of a chance, since we're out of state visiting relatives.)

So, about four or five of my followers on here know about this, I think, but in case you're one of the majority that don't, I've been really passionate lately about an online roleplay I'm involved with based off The Hunger Games. We're basically attempting to tell the "untold" story of the 71st Hunger Games, (three years before Katniss comes along) and each rp-er gets to create their own tribute (one boy or one girl per district) and develop them, portray them live in an online chatroom, and use them to respond to "tasks." (We use tasks to develop the plot of the story, what's new in the arena, etc, etc...)

I created an original character for this, as well, but she's not a tribute. I'm actually the Head Gamemaker. >.) If you haven't read The Hunger Games yet, you can look up the general idea of it online, but I'm basically in charge of killing off innocent children in the most entertaining and dramatic ways possible...
Therefore, lots of room for interesting character development! :D As a gamemaker, I'm in charge of writing tasks, creating the arena, (and all the little "surprises" that go with it) and, of course, gradually killing off characters.

I've been involved with this rp for about 4 months now, and I've really, really grown attatched to my character. I've developed the majority of her backstory very thoroughly, as well as the different facets of her personality, her motivations in life, her little quirks, scenes with other characters...And done the same with the people closest to her. I have a lot to catch you guys up on with her, but if you're interested, I thought I'd start with a very simple overview, and give you guys a little introduction to who she is, and what makes her tick. I posted this little description as a "meet your gamemaker" thing on the rp, so I thought it'd be a good intro here, as well.

"Gamemaker Cynthia Hynes is 33 years old. Outwardly, she has a relatively agreeable personality. She's very proud of her position of power, as she's worked hard to get there, and prides herself on generating a good reputation for the Capitol's "hospitality." However, it is also her priority that everyone beneath her, from the tributes she is in charge of to the peacekeepers and assistants that work for her, submit fully and stay in line with her rather high expectations.

Cynthia's disturbing fixation on power and control stems from her losing everything that mattered to her in one traumatic event. When she was 23 years old, her fiancee was killed instantly in a car crash, along with her unborn baby. Cynthia was severely injured, and suffered a hip fracture, but recovered three months faster than her doctor predicted. There is little to no chance of her being physically capable of bearing a child again.

After this event, Cynthia has hardened herself almost entirely, appearing cold, efficient, and entirely independent in the public eye. She firmly holds the belief that love is directly correlated to weakness, and has no desire to rely on anyone again. Cynthia has never shared the same extent of materialism as her fellow Capitol citizens, so when she lost all she cared about, a cold hatred became her only motivation. Cynthia delights in the suffering of others, as it consistently reinforces how much control she has now over not only her own life, but everyone else's. The tragedy surrounding her past life is entirely unknown to most everyone around her, as she implies only power and composure in her professional life. Cynthia is very creative when it comes to various forms of punishment, and acts calm and apathetic when her means of violence are being carried out.

Cynthia is tall, slender, and young-looking, and dresses formally, without being too extravagant. She is somewhat minimalist in her style of dress, as she believes the superfluous clothing most Capitol women wear would only be another frivolity to distract her from her work. She also feels far more durable and comfortable in a pantsuit or work jacket. Her own team of stylists is frequently dismayed when she refuses to wear the frilly dresses they design, as she says they will make her appear "vulnerable." Cynthia has straight, platinum-blonde hair, and pale gray-ish blue eyes. Cynthia is almost always calm and composed in manner, and when making threatening remarks, she tends to speak teasingly and somewhat quietly. Cynthia is feared and respected without having to raise he voice much, so she usually doesn't. She also enjoys a good glass of wine to soften the edges of her stressful work obligations."

This is her in a nutshell. There's so, so much more, but I think this is good for now, since you guys just met her. :) I feel as though I'm forgetting something...Hm. Oh well.
See you guys later. :heart:
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queenoflattes Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2013  Student Writer
OH LOOK it's Cyn drinking wine that's new


anyway yes *bows down to Caitlin because of Cyn and because I get to RP with you and also her but she terrifies me still and like IT HAS BEEN A YEAR okay*

Also Finn says hi

And asks if you or Cyn would like dessert
1CrazyVegetarian Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2013
LOL I know. So out of character, yes? Also, I believe this was the first picture I ever drew of her! xP

Ehehehehe....heh....Well, that was an idea. But too many people would have died at once and it wouldn't have been as fun. ^_^ <--- (apt time to utilize the Cyn face)

AW I KNOW NOSTALGIA *bows back to the goddess because FINN.* <3 Well, and uh...And Fyn. ;) And I just love you okay? I KNOW I CAN'T BELIEVE WE'VE BEEN WITHERING OUR LIVES AWAY ON THESE CHARACTERS FOR A YEAR NOW AHAHA!~

Ohey, Finn. :icontinoplz: I am ALWAYS game for dessert, and seeing as this is MY account and not CYN'S, she gets no say in the matter. :mwahaha:

(PS- The icons on dA are fab. Take advantage. ;))))
lastALice Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
wow she sounds super intense. i'd love to hear some of the deaths she's devised ;) keep us posted!
1CrazyVegetarian Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012
Oh, she's fun. :3 She's very fun. And I definitely will~ :hug:
annakatrin Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2012  Student General Artist
Role play? Is it a group??? CAN I JOIN?

I really love her background story, and you have talent for backgrounds (of the drawn variety) that I wish I possesed. This is awesome, LOOOVE IT!
1CrazyVegetarian Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012
It actually is a group on tumblr, but unfortunately, all the tribute spots are full. ;(
BUT. I'll attach the link to the rp for you, and if you keep in contact with me/keep reminding me, I'll let you know when the next one is. Well, at least we're PLANNING to do another Hunger Games-related one. I'd love you in the next one. ;)


Also, thank you soooo much! Cyn is getting to be a pretty big part of my life, so it means a lot that people are interested in her! I'll be posting more drawings and writings about her on my dA page, if you'd be interested in watching for that~

Thanks again, and may the odds be ever in your favor~ ;)

staplesponge Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2012
Caitlin; the sadist vegetarian. Gamemaker is the perfect role for you! lol, I think we've learned by now that your scanner hates you.

I always did love it when you talked about your RP at school BTW, especially that idea for putting the tributes on tipping platform over a bottomless pit. That was downright inspired!

I think anyone with a working brain wouldn't like what the women wore in the Capitol, but what do I know about "fashion"? I do have to say though, the gamemakers really were my least favorite part of that book Cynthia here has much more development and rationality than any of those characters (even with the evil wine glass). Let me guess; she doesn't like it when tributes act romantically because of the accident and hatred of love? BAM! Appropriate character motivation and response. That said, given the spectacle of the Hunger Games, one would think a person like her would find other places to release her sadism; like being an integrator, an military commander, or a dentist. As a person who clearly values subtly, The Hunger Games is one of the last places you'd want to go especially since your main concern is not inflicting pain, but entertaining the audience.

Still, its great to finally see your character and she is really well done. I hope it keeps going well, and that you get to murder even more children! :) Yay!
1CrazyVegetarian Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012
Wow, this is insanely late, but I still wanted to say thank you! ;w; It's so sweet of you to give such a thorough review of her the first time around, and the feedback is actually insanely helpful. :3 I actually worked soooo hard fleshing her out over time and I think she's actually pretty developed by now, so, again, the fact that someone's taking a genuine interest in her is so encouraging. :hug:

Also, you're totally right about her being annoyed by the tributes' relationships. ;) She's a big believer in the whole "love is fleeting and therefore pointless" philosophy lol~

I've got more writings and pics of her to come! Maybe I'll even post some of my sadistic deaths here, mwaha...
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